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Den Barry

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10 Jul 2023

Your Name

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Personal Profile


This is a chance for you to provide a quick overview of yourself, your skills and what it is you are looking for in your next role.

Avoid too many buzzwords!

2 or 3 short paragraphs max.

Tailor your personal profile for role you are going to, to highlight different/relevant details.


Key Skills


  • 3 to 5 bullet points, really highlighting your key skills – try and avoid generic ones!
  • You may also want to include here your system/software expereince




Job Title Dates from/to

Company Name


Short blurb about company, such as size, industry, annual turn over, size of team/reports etc.


Key responsibilities:


  • 4 or 5 bullet points, showcasing your duties
  • Avoid it reading like a job spec!


Key Achievements:


  • 3 or 4 of some things you are really proud to have achieved within your role
  • This is an opportunity to highlight any statistics/numbers etc.


Education & Qualifications


Date from most recent to least recent.

You may also want to list any training you have undertaken.


References Available on request.


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